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Modeled Bridal Shoots | Big Cottonwood Canyon/Tibble Fork | Utah Wedding Photographer

In January and February, I decided I wanted to do some bridal sessions in the snow so that I can could have some experience with snow. So I rented a couple dresses and cape from an amazing friend of mine at Simplicity Dress Rental. These photos are from these two shoots. The first shoot has models, Ethan Kartchner & Mattie Smith and they were so much fun to work with! It was a little new to me to be working with models and I truly feel like we all did amazing! This shoot was done up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I love how these photos turned out! I know I still have stuff to learn but I have found the more I do it, the better it gets!

Models: Ethan Kartchner & Mattie Smith

Flowers: Amy Feldman


The second shoot was done with the best couple ever!! Marissa and Garrett are such a beautiful couple and were so adventurous to do this photo shoot with me in the snow, in a strapless dress. I have known Marissa since middle school and I absolutely loved seeing her again. Being able to catch up with old friends is one of the best feelings. This shoot was done up American Fork Canyon, at Tibble Fork Reservoir. This shoot is probably my favorite shoot I have done so far this year. The photos turned out absolutely beautiful!

Models: Marissa & Garrett McEwan

Flowers: Moments2Memories By Jess

Makeup/Hair: Startinganewartistry



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