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Brock & Bailee Engagement Session | Big Cottonwood Canyon | Utah Wedding Photographer

This engagement session was so fun!! Brock & Bailee met each other at BYU while attending a Family Home Evening group. They have known each other for a year and a half, started dating 11 months ago and have been inseparable ever since.


It all started when they went on their first date together. They had to be creative since the pandemic had just started so they fed ducks by the pond and walked around Target. That sounds like a fun date to me! Brock made their proposal so cute. They went to the amphitheater by the trailhead to Stewart Falls up Provo Canyon and Bailee loved how simple, yet perfect it all was.


Brock and Bailee are some amazing workers and students! Both of them work at Discovery Academy, a boarding school for troubled teens, but they both do some extra work on the side. Bailee does some research for BYU and Brock does peer tutoring for incoming BYU freshman. They aren't all just work though, some of the things they do together are watching movies and getting Macey's soft serve ice-cream cones (or really any ice cream for that matter). With them working together at Discovery Academy, they also enjoy their shifts when they get to work together. They also love going on walks and being outside too! Bailee and Brock have some different hobbies that they like to do for themselves. Bailee likes to hike, crochet, paint, and take photos. Brock likes to play soccer, play video games, and learn new things. What a fun couple!!


I always ask how the session made my clients feel and this is what Bailee said ;"I thought the session was great, and I loved how you posed us confidently and took control of the session. You made it quick and easy!" I always love hearing that my client's loved their sessions, it makes me so happy and I had so much fun! Something that was kinda funny that happened Bailee hiking in the snow with flats was not ideal but they got good pictures out of it! They thought sitting on the log was a little goofy because of the slanted angle it was at too. Another thing I like to ask is what my client's favorite part of their session is, and this was Bailee's response: "The best part was interacting with a fellow photographer!! I love making connections and learning from other people. It was nice to meet you and see how you do what you do!" I felt so confident during this session and just loved every minute!! Thanks again Brock and Bailee for the fun memories! I am looking forward to my family session with Bailee this spring!!



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