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1. What type of sessions do you do?

I do a lot of different sessions because I like doing them all! I offer: sports, family, extended family, baptism, maternity, missionary, senior portraits, bridals, engagement and weddings.

2. How many photos will I receive? 

You will receive 30-35 high resolution images per hour booked. If you book a mini session, you'll receive 15-20 images.

3. How do I receive my photos?

I will put a gallery together of your images on Pixieset. You will be able to download your images straight from this site.

4. Do I get to choose the photos you edit for me?

YES! You get to the choose the images that you want me to edit. I do this so that you will receive all the images you want from the session!

5. Is there a cost for choosing more photos?

Yes, there would be a $2 charge per image chosen after the amount allotted during the session.

6. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, you are able to purchase e-gift cards through this site:

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