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Brian & Rachel Engagement Session | Spring View Farms Trailhead | Utah Wedding Photographer

This engagement session was an absolute dream!! Brian & Rachel met each other through their married best friends. Having so much fun on their first date, having dinner at Chili's, that they have been together ever since!


This lovely couple have been together for an amazing 12 years! Brian that the best way of proposing to Rachel. They went to dinner at the Wild Rose Restaurant on Rachel's birthday and handed her a jewelry box. She opened the box and there was a pair of diamond earrings in it. She then took them out and hidden behind the earrings was an engagement ring. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She was definitely surprised!


Brian and Rachel are some amazing workers! Rachel is a RN at St. Marks Hospital and Brian is at Building Sales Rep for Ferguson. They aren't all just work though, some of their hobbies to do together are snowboarding, camping, 4-wheeling, traveling, and spending time with their family and friends. They have kids in sports (football mostly), so they spend a lot of time supporting them. Overall, their favorite things to do is just be with each other. Most, if not all, their free time is being with each other.


I always ask how the session made my clients feel and this is what Rachel said ;"I loved it! Alyssa made it fun and comfortable to take our photos. The session turned out great!" I always love hearing that my client's loved their sessions, it makes me so happy and had so much fun! Something that was kinda funny that happened was Brian was twirling Rachel like they were dancing and I snapped photos, but I was still figuring out lighting so Rachel told Brian to stop because she was alrighty getting dizzy. She loved being twirled though! Another thing I like to ask is what my client's favorite part of their session is, and this was Rachel's response: "Alyssa, asked us both to grab leaves and throw them up in the air. It was fun and we were both laughing. These were definitely some of my favorites photos." I felt so confident during this session and just loved every minute!! I am so very excited to be photographing them on their wedding day!! I can not wait til May!! Brian and Rachel, thank you so much for this beautiful and memorable session!



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