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Marlon Medina Senior Portrait Session | Silver Lake | Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

Marlon was awesome for this session!! He is so photogenic and I had a blast taking photos of him and his family. When I graduated, I didn't get my cap and gown until the day of graduation. I thought it was so awesome to be able to take some photos of seniors in their cap and gowns before actual graduation. This session is another one of my favorites, honestly, all of them are my favorite!


The day we did these, it was a little chilly and his mom wanted to add some family photos into the mix of the senior portraits. The family wasn't too happy about having to change their shirts in the middle of a chilly day, but they ended up looking really good for the photos. Silver Lake was gorgeous, and the day ended being a really great day to do photos!


One of my favorite photos to take during sessions are silhouette photos and Marlon didn't disappoint! I had two ways of doing the silhouette photos this time and I couldn't choose which ones I liked better, so I sent them to Marlon and his mom and they were like, well how about both! I loved that I was able to play with editing a little bit with this session, I loved this session! I would love to be able to do more photos for this awesome family!



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