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Bright & Airy



Utah wedding, portrait & sport photographer, Based in South Jordan.


Alyssa focuses on having a great experience!


Hey! I’m Alyssa



I’m a hobbiest photographer based in South Jordan, UT. I love living in Utah with all the amazing mountains and outdoor spots to enjoy!

I am a mom to 4 amazing, fun, and energetic little girls! My 9
 year old is so smart it scares me at times. My 7 year old has so much spunk and is very smart also. My 5 year old is such a little sweetheart who is happy all the time. She also thinks she is older then she is and wants to be just like her older sisters. My 1 year old rainbow baby is now walking and into absolutely everything. She definitely keeps me on my toes. I love them dearly! I’m married to my husband Doug and have been for 10 amazing years.

My goal this year is to continue making new friends, and to start printing my own prints.

I’m happy to have you follow me! Let’s become friends! Plus I would love to produce memories that will last a lifetime.

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